What is the Cancerous Application?


Before 2020 your daily routine probably didn’t include researching each individual ingredient on your product label to see what the potential health issues it may cause. However, because of the pandemic and the growing health consciousness among consumers, some of the most searched phrases on google relates to what certain ingredients mean and what effect it has on health. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t know what some of these uber scientific names and acronyms on product labels would mean off the top of my head. You shouldn’t have to be a scientist to understand what an ingredient list means that’s a big reason why we are developing this application. It can be time-consuming to go through a company’s entire site to truly understand who they are, what they’re doing, and the point of the application but luckily we can break it down for you so you don’t have to. 


What is the Cancerous Application?

In short, our application acts as a tool to simplify the complicated process of googling each individual ingredient and health effects. In short a health companion application tailored for every type of consumer. Because our application is user-focused, the design of the application follows a simplistic approach. The main features of the application include scanning, searching, feed, and profile, similar to most applications. 

We cite our data (information) from science, not sponsorships. We as an organization and application pride ourselves in maintaining a totally neutral and transparent approach in bringing in the facts. We strive for Cancerous to act as a middle man and create an open dialogue between scientists and consumers. With all the information available at our fingertips, a common issue both scientists and consumers face is distinguishing fact from popular belief. Through this open dialogue, we aim to omit cherry-picking that often happens within health consciousness. That’s why we are partnering with cancer research facilities and regulatory toxicologists to maintain credibility and neutrality and appeal to everyone. 

While we source our data from science we also contribute to further research by providing funding to toxicologists and research facilities and exchange data of possibly cancerous ingredients. Because our organization is funded solely by user-donations, all of the donations made to Cancerous go directly to our partnered toxicologists and research facilities to enable further research on cancer prevention.

What is the Cancerous Organization?

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to creating transparency behind labeling and enabling cancer prevention research. What makes our organization different from other health companion application organizations is our dedication to non-sponsorship, non-partisan, and non-agenda setting methodology of breaking down the truth behind a label. Our organization is completely user-donation funded. We do not accept partnerships with brands or from companies that claim to be healthy. Our mission as an organization is to create transparency and fund cancer prevention research. 


Why Cancerous?

A big question we as an organization gets is what makes Cancerous different from other applications on the app store? In short, we are the people’s application. Cancerous is tailored to accommodate every type of user in any situation. 

Most applications on the market today have the opportunity to scan product barcode labels and information about the product shows up on a separate page. Unfortunately ten out of ten times you would need to be connected to the internet in order to even get those results. We have all been in situations where your phone has absolutely no service and you’re trying to shop at a store. Cancerous actually offers an offline feature that allows you to scan products and if you aren’t connected to data or wifi it allows you to save the product and revisit it once you are reconnected. 

Since we are user-experience focused we know how shopping can become time-sensitive. Other applications normally redirect you to another page that shows the product and gives a rating and often suggest another product that would be “better” (usually a product they’re sponsored by) which can usually take up time especially if you just wanted a quick breakdown. Cancerous offers a quick glance at a product while you’re scanning the product and will redirect you to the reasoning behind the score if you want to choose the learn more option.  

Because we are the people’s application we take into consideration what everyone would want in an application and we are always open to hearing suggestions and making improvements where needed. We believe this application will provide transparency and assist in a toxic-free future.

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