WHAT IS THE Cancerous Application?

The Cancerous Application is a health companion app for consumers. Cancerous allows users to scan and search for products ranging from personal care, household, and food to find a simplified explanation of ingredient content and identify any possible carcinogens. Cancerous has an ever-growing database sourced from cancer prevention research that provides transparency and credibility to users.

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We are a non-profit organization building technology to save as many lives as possible. Your donations go a long way to achieve this goal.

What is the Cancerous App Organization?

The Cancerous App organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating transparency behind labeling. What makes Cancerous different from other health companion applications on the market is its dedication to non-sponsorship, non-partisan, and non-agenda setting methodology of breaking down the truth behind a label. Unlike other apps on the market today, Cancerous is completely user donation-based, and all funds go directly to cancer prevention research.


Cancerous aims to be the neutral source of scholarly information for products and substances that can put each person at a higher risk of cancer. We source our information from peer-reviewed university studies and work to get data to further drive more research with our donations from the supporting public.

  • Non-Partisan
  • No paid-partnerships
  • Fully transparent data
  • Non-Agenda setting methodology