What is the Cancerous App?

The Cancerous Application is a health companion app for consumers.
Cancerous allows users to scan and search for products ranging from personal
care, household, and food to find a simplified explanation of ingredient content
and identify any possible carcinogens. Cancerous has an ever-growing
database sourced from cancer prevention research that provides transparency
and credibility to users.

How it works
Feed feature
See what scanned products are popular amongst other users and get suggestions on products to check out.
Search Products
If you don't have a barcode available you can enter a product's name and search for it or look through product categories and suggested products.
Scan your own products
Available online and offline. Use your phone camera to scan barcodes to find products and their scoring.
Coming soon for iPhone and Android
Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.
Track your scans
Review scanned,liked, and saved history to revisit products.
Become a cleaner you
Create a custom profile that gives you a health score based on your scanning habits.
Support CancerousApp.org

We are a non-profit organization building technology to save as many lives as possible. Your donations go a long way to achieve this goal.